Large cardamom (Amomum subulatum) is a perennial cash crop grown under the Himalayan alder (Alnus nepalensis) or mix forest tree species in the hills of Nepal, Darjeeling hills, Sikkim and Bhutan. The cardamom based agroforestry system in the Himalayas has proved to be a sustainable land use practice at the landscape level supporting multiple functions and ecosystem services.

In the drier areas of southern Africa, farmers experience drought once every two to three years. Relief agencies have traditionally responded to the resulting famines by providing farmers with enough seed and inorganic fertilizer to enable them to re-establish their cropping enterprises. However, because of the lack of appropriate land and crop management interventions, vulnerable farmers are not necessarily able to translate these relief investments in seeds and fertilizer into sustained gains in
productivity and incomes.

It has all the potential to nestle cheek by jowl with international brands such as Dom Perignon, Mexico's tequila and the famed Johnnie Walker Scotch. And realising its huge revenue potential, the government of Goa is pulling all strings to ensure that the cashew industry, both kernel and feni, is protected and given a boost.


The 2008 global food crisis is compromising the survival of 860 million undernourished people and threatens to push a hundred million people into extreme poverty, erasing all of the gains made in eradicating poverty in the last decade. Record high

Chak Bala, June 08 Farmers whose thousands of acres of fertile land falls across the barbed fence at the International Border expressed their anguish during a training-cum-awareness camp organised by the Agriculture Department here yesterday. During an interaction with the farmers, Deputy Commissioner K S Pannu said he found that farmers could reap only one crop in a year and that too at the mercy of the rain god and stray animals from Pakistan that ravage their fields.

The National Sample Survey Organization notes that in 2003, marginal and small farmers constituted 90.4 per cent of all farmers in India, but held only 43.4 per cent of land. The study was undertaken in Anand district of central Gujarat during September 2007.

Diversification to cash crops and

A patent on a process for making storage - stable edible food materials from kernels of gorgon nuts or fox nut (Euryale ferox) has tremendous impact on biodiversity resulting in triggered mass culture and commercialization of this aquatic macrophyte. Besides ecological impact, it has social and economic impacts too. This paper studied the impact of the patent on biodiversity at micro level. The study reveals that mass culture of these plants in water bodies instead of fishes has created an interlinked ecological, social and economic imbalance.

Innovative farming system revives a farmer s fortune in Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu