Cotton, soya bean have been severely damaged to heavy rains. Floods due to heavy rainfall in Vidarbha have severely damaged cash crops, including cotton, oranges and soya beans.

Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) has issue final figures for domestic cotton production in 2012-13.

The cashew brought from Brazil to India by the Portuguese about 400 years ago. Initially it was cultivated to arrest soil erosion and sea winds, but later it became an important cash crop. In fact it was not Brazil but India, which made a commodity of international trade and India still remains the largest Producer, Processor and exporter of cashew. Cashew nut is a highly nutritious product. It gives more calories to the human body. Because of its nutritious content it gives more strength and stamina to the body.

Ministry of Agricultural Development (MOAD), Agri-Business Promotion and Statistics Division (ABPSD), Agri Statistics Section as part of its regular function, has been publishing "Statistical Information on Nepalese Agriculture" on yearly basis with the aim of providing better and useful agricultural information of the country.

The objection raised by NGOs and other expert panels against Bt cotton have been “speculative, confusing and without any reasonable assessment of technological strength”, Parliament was informed to

The Andhra Pradesh Government will probe the reported attack of sucking pests on Bt cotton in some parts of the State.

Growing cash crops is not a new thing in Indian tradition, but considered in the context of efficient land use, food- & fodder security, environmental- & ecological security, and of course the socio-economic security land use changes for growing cash crops that are incompatible to all or most of such factors definitely becomes a matter o

Aizawl: Under its New Land Use Policy (NLUP), Mizoram is laying emphasis on ending the age-old jhum shifting cultivation and has allocated Rs 410 crore in this year’s budget to enable about 30,000 more tribal families to shift to stable farming, a minister said on Tuesday. “In this year’s State budget, Rs 370 crore has been earmarked for the execution of the NLUP.

Under the Rashtriya Krishi Vikash Yojana, Rs 40 crore has also been sanctioned for the same NLUP,” Mizoram Finance Minister H Liansailova told the State Assembly during its on-going budget session.

BHUBANESWAR: The Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT) has decided to lay emphasis on research of new breeds of various agro products, including paddy, jute, pulses, cotton and oi

ITANAGAR, April 12 – Arunachal Pradesh government is giving special thrust to creating gainful employment opportunities for youths, especially in tea and rubber plantation schemes.