The annual European Vehicle Market Statistics Pocketbook offers statistical portrait of passenger car and light commercial vehicle fleets in the European Union from 2001—and, beginning with the 2014 edition, of the heavy-duty fleet as well. The emphasis is on vehicle technologies, fuel consumption, and emissions of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants.

The European Commission agreed on Wednesday to put forward a target to improve energy efficiency by 30 percent as part of a package of climate and energy policy for 2030, EU sources said.

Govt committee to suggest guidelines and prepare new 2025 standards

On July 11, 2012, the European Commission put forward two regulatory proposals that would implement mandatory 2020 CO2 emission targets for new passenger cars and light-commercial vehicles (vans). The proposals now need only be confirmed by the European Parliament and European Council to become law.

Consider this.

On February 15, 2011 the European Parliament adopted legislation that, for the first time, will regulate CO2 emissions from light commercial vehicles (LCV) in Europe. The original legislative proposal was issued by the European Commission in October 2009, and since then it has been debated between the regulatory agencies in Europe.

AS THE December Copenhagen conference on climate change approaches, the world

Ministry of Environment has decided to enforce Euro-II emission standards for all new petrol driven imported and locally manufactured vehicles from July this year and the same standard would be applicable for diesel driven automobiles from July 2012.

Luxembourg-based European Investment Bank (EIB) is considering a

New Delhi, Aug. 27: The Tata Motors may face penalty or premium for excess emissions from its high-end Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles when a stringent environment law is enforced in Europe in 2012.

In an initiative aimed at reducing CO2 emissions from new passenger cars by 19 per cent, the European Commission had adopted a proposal for legislation in December 2007.

The manufacturers can, however, make cars with emissions above the permitted limits, but have to balance by vehicles which emit less than the set standards.