Baramati: In a region where farmers either work in the fields or breed cows, milk production is the indicator for the impact of the drought on the latter section.

Bangalore: Power struggle, politicking and blame game are keeping state BJP leaders busy. And there is no one to pay attention to the problems faced by drought-hit people in the districts.

In the present study an estimation of livestock enteric CH4 emission has been made from feeding systems (diets) for different animal functions (maintenance, production and growth) prevailing in different agroecological regions (AERs) of India using livestock population 2003. Estimations comprised of dietary intake, digestibility and CH4 emission factors for ruminant species of different age groups determined from feeding systems/diets. Methane production (ml g–1) from production diets in animal species tended to be more than growth and maintenance diets.

Carrying capacity (CC) in the context of Indian agriculture, denotes the number of people and livestock an area can support on a sustainable basis. CC is dynamic in nature, varying from time to time based on utilization of resources, technology application and
management. In India, rainfed agriculture occupies nearly 58% of the cultivated area, contributes 40% of country’s food production, and supports 40% of the human and 60% of the livestock population.

Patna: Bihar government has launched five schemes under fodder development project to provide adequate fodder for the cattle in Bihar, state Animal Husbandry Minister Giriraj Singh said today.

The field experiment was conducted during the year 2001 to 2006 on marginal degraded bouldery riverbed lands of Doon Valley in North-West India under rainfed conditions. The performance of grasses viz Panicum maximum (fodder grass) and Eulaliopsis binata (industrial grass for fiber and paper pulp) was evaluated alone and in association with Paulownia fortunei with regard to growth parameters and biomass yield.

Andhra Pradesh will request a Central assistance of Rs 3,006 crore towards drought relief according to the revised norms, the Chief Minister, Mr N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, has said.

Mumbai is in reality a city of places that are not a part of the current set of fantasies that rule the minds of urban planners but are yet integrally linked to capitalist processes, to urban practices of place-making and to urbanism itself. From this perspective, this enquiry seeks not only to better understand and explain the processes that are forcing out the city’s less privileged from its commons, but also imagine how a more inclusive future could be achieved.

More than 800 villages in the districts of Satara and Sangli were officially declared scarcity-hit by the state government following severe shortage of water and fodder.

The Punjab Government today ordered a special girdawari to assess the damage to the cotton, paddy and fodder crops, and that also to the houses, due to the recent rain and floods.