CARE and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) collaborated to pilot the use of an innovative tool for participatory analysis of changing rainfall patterns.

Villagers are fleeing to safety as elephants move into their domain in search of food and fodder----------

Kandhmal is back in the news - but this time around it is not communal riots. The district which caught inter-

Understanding the issues and perspectives of the community, giving voice to their ideas and facilitating institutional building are key in bringing about a sustainable and equitable change. Bringing a

Vidarbha village looks for options other than suicide At a time when the traditional cropping pattern of suicide-ravaged Vidarbha has all but disappeared under the lure of quick cash from soybean, a tiny village of 48 farming households in Maharashtra

Water is one of the most valuable resources. The agriculture sector is the largest consumer of water resources in the developing countries. Assured supply of water is necessary for sustainable agriculture.

Sky rocketing price of animal fodder especially wheat straw commonly known as `Bussa' coupled with deficient monsoons has compounded miseries of farmers especially milkmen community for whom bovine animals are the only source of income.

The prolonged dry spell and insufficient rainfall has affected agriculture crops over 3,63,120 hectare in the State and the crop loss was more than 50 per cent in 2,65,103 hectare area.

The state government constituted a Rapid Response Team in drought-affected districts to monitor the availability of food and medicines and fodder for animal.

State Revenue Minister Phagu Chauhan has been entrusted with the job to ensure that no one dies of drought.

Forests provide a number of goods and services to the people. The dependence is very high especially amongst the tribals who live close to nature and collect food, fuelwood, timber, bamboos, medicinal plants and other non-wood products from the forests.

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