India s farm labour needs dignity

Scientists at the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) have found leaves of dhaincha (Sesbania bispinosa)

Conflicts over natural resource access goes back a long way in history ever since national parks became the best insitu method of protecting endangered biodiversity and received legal sanction all over the globe.

Root to Canopy: regenerating forests though community-state partnerships provides comprehensive coverage of the changes made in the Indian forestry sector during the last decade with respect to Joint Forest Management. The book covers the evolution of JFM in India, the experience of each state, and emerging issues.

Under the Joint Forest Management (JFM) programme in south-western West Bengal, regenerating deciduous forests are being managed for the extraction of numerous plant products, both for commercial benefits and subsistence-level use, on a large scale.

FEEDING THE HERDS: IMPROVING FODDER RESOURCES IN BHUTAN . Walter Roder, Kinzang Wangdi, Pema Gyamtsho and Karma Dorji . International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development . Kathmandu . 2001

People in northeast India fear bamboo flowering. According to an ancient belief when bamboos flower, there is death and destruction.

One man s dedication transformed the degraded, deforested land of his village

They may survive the drought. But they cannot survive government policies. When people have to abandon their livestock, they are reduced to misery, as is happening in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Because India s rural economy is built around livestock, which ca

the spectre of extinction is haunting wild buffaloes and experts say the threat is much greater than faced by tigers in the country. The magnificent beast, venerated in folklore as the van