the Maharashtra government has given away about 40 hectares (ha) of grazing land to Dow Chemicals for a research and development facility in Shendi village, 30 km from Pune. Villagers say they were

Mineral status and some physiological parameters of Lannea coromandelica (Houtt) Merr. (Anacardiaceae) were estimated during leaf active growth period. Lannea coromandelica is widely used in afforestation and social forestry programmes to meet the fuelwood and fodder demand as well as to maintain ecological balance and environmental stability. Dec 2007

Some 15 years ago, pine-covered hillsides were the typical images of Karsog in Himachal Pradesh's Mandi district. But pine provided little fodder for cattle. People in its villages preferred

In February this year, Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar announced that the country could export wheat in the near future. "If the current weather persists and the country's wheat production

This paper examines the impact of the variation in stocks of three resources, namely, water, forests and fodder biomass, on resource collection time of rural households in India, especially women.

Studies conducted on Ardu (Ailanthus excelsa) based agrisilvi system of agroforestry during 1999-00 to 2001-02 have indicated beneficial effect of Ardu on environment and soil health. Dec 2006

function table() { var popurl="image/20060930/10-table.jpg","","width=450,height=450,scrollbars=yes") } the monsoon season in Assam is often time for

In the Himalayas, subsistence largely depends upon resources derived from natural forests due to the free and easy access to these and simplicity in their use. Sikkim has 43% of its total geographical area under forest cover, of which 34% is under dense forests. The burgeoning human population and family fragmentation are exerting a tremendous pressure on the natural resources to meet the requirements of food, fuel, fodder, timber and other human needs. In recent years, tourism has increased manifolds in Sikkim, which has been one of the major factors behind destruction of forests.

Mangroves, although have unique ecological characteristics and multifarious uses are in a very much degraded state. In Orissa, except Bhitarkanika, the small patches of mangroves which are available along the coastal track are considered as the relics of a glorious past when thousands hectare of land was covered with mangroves.

There is so much about rural India that escapes notice that one more area of neglect will not break the camel s back. I am talking about the crisis of fodder for livestock. A grim silence surrounds