ABU DHABI: With one of the highest per capita carbon footprints in the world, these oil-rich emirates would seem an unlikely place for a green revolution.

Shillong, Jan. 4: The region today found a new mantra for conservation

The Second Green Revolution for Sustainable Livelihood of Small Farmers is a Concept Paper developed by BAIF, based on its experience while working with small farmers and weaker sections of the society particularly tribals, across rural India. The aim is to create nationwide awareness among farmers, extension

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Behind the high walls of the Poojappura Central Prison, a green revolution is in the making. Three acres of prison land are now all set for cultivating paddy.

The first part of this publication examines hunger and poverty in the region, changes in dietary patterns, agricultural commodity trends, and the outlook for the future, including the major challenges that need to be addressed. The second part

This publication highlights the significance of the seed and new crop technologies. It captures the experiences of three key developments in Indian agriculture that sustained growth in agriculture, contributed to increased food production and the alleviation of poverty and hunger.

Rahi Gaikwad

MUMBAI: Alluding to the risks involved in agriculture and the lack of a safety net for the poor, agriculture scientist M.S. Swaminathan called for reducing the dependency on agriculture by half and creating employment in other sectors to push up income levels.

Thomas Friedman, the three-time Pulitzer prize winner and foreign affairs columnist of The New York Times, built a bonding with book readers and avid students and followers of the international politics with his 2005 bestseller, The World is Flat.

The terms in which India"s agrarian crisis is discussed ensure that there is no solution a balanced, neutral story with both sides covered does not always the truth tell. But it is not easy to fit in people with several perspectives into a television studio. Much less when it involves commentary on live news that has to fit between breaks for commercials. The farmer

Rising input prices have almost sounded the death knell for the farmer. Is there a way out? A special report published in Down To Earth.