A concept car that attempts to sidestep the three main hurdles to the dream of hydrogen-fuelled highways was unveiled in London this week.

No single technology will triumph in the pursuit of a "greener" auto industry. Instead, the future will include a mix of cars powered by electricity, hydrogen fuel cells and biofuels, according to the world's biggest car makers.

Transport sector is an essential driver of economic development and growth, and at the same time, one of the biggest contributors to climate change, responsible for almost a quarter of the global carbon dioxide emissions. The sector is 95 percent dependent on fossil fuels.

Industry needs financial backing to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change, business leaders told a climate conference on Monday, drawing criticism that they put profits before the environment.

Cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells, once hailed by President George W. Bush as a pollution-free solution for reducing the nation

A Canadian court slapped Suncor Energy Inc and a contractor it hired with more than C$1 million ($805,000) in fines on Thursday for environmental infractions at the company's northern Alberta oil sands operations.

MoU signed by UN agency with Indian partners

Sandeep Joshi

NEW DELHI: United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)


The National City Center in Troy, Michigan, where a hydrogen-powered autorickshaw plies
Capitalist America, red rag to Citu, has a way out of Calcutta

Melbourne: Researchers in Australia have built a hydrogen-powered racing car using a modified internal combustion motorcycle engine, that they claim demonstrates the possibilities of the gas as a renewable fuel of the future.

Rail travel produces more than a third less emissions than road transport