Bhopal : A three-day regional technical workshop on making Green India Mission more effective was held at Jabalpur recently.

Paper presents the causes of forest degradation and its direct and indirect effects. Preliminary discussion on the issue of tracing the basic research areas, approaches of joint forest management for its role in natural resource conservation. Although felling tree illegally still going on and this is the major cause of decrease in forest cover, increasing number of industrial establishments and fuel wood collection are other causes.

India stands today at the cross-roads where it is becoming abundantly clear that not paucity of funds, but deficit in governance is the most significant challenge before the society.

About 80 percent of the forested area of the developing world is held under public ownership. Many critics of state ownership argue that public stewardship of forests has been poor, pointing to high rates deforestation on land owned and administered by governments.

This new MoEF report documents India’s evolving framework for sustainable development since the 1992 Earth Summit and assesses the achievements and the challenges that the country faces.

In partnership with forest departments, communities across India have raised forests worth millions of rupees in the hope of getting shares in timber revenue. Now that forests are ready for harvest, officials make excuses or give pittance. Read this Special report in Down To Earth.

The purpose of this assessment is to identify the constraints to and opportunities for women‘s participation in REDD+ initiatives, particularly as country REDD+ readiness plans are being developed, as well as to reveal the potential impacts of gender relations on REDD+ initiatives and vice versa.

Gadchiroli in Maharashtra may have acquired the model district status for clearing a record number of community forest rights (CFR) claims, but its 298 villages are angry with the forest department for stripping them of the basic right to manage forest produce.


Forest cover (Question asked in the Monsoon session of Parliament 2011 in LS)