Sending a strong signal to rich nations that India will not dilute its position while negotiating for a climate deal, India has told the UN Climate Summit that it was the West's fossil fuelled mode

Pointing out that the health of the global environment today is in need of serious attention, Sri Lanka today called for the developed nations to financially support the developing nations to reduc

President Barack Obama joins more than 100 world leaders today at a United Nations summit on climate change that’s designed to move the issue beyond talk to action -- though not just yet.

Germany has become the first large European Union member state to start ratifying the extension of the emissions-limiting Kyoto Protocol treaty.

The minister is expected to showcase India's achievements on the climate change in order to push the focus back on the developed countries to deliver more on their existing commitments

A planned World Bank fund will employ options to spur climate-protection investment using rules created by carbon markets.

Indian officials advised Prime Minister Narendra Modi to skip this month’s United Nations climate summit, telling him the largest such gathering of world leaders was “not important,” the Economic T

Thailand will vow to cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 20% over the next six years as part of a new plan to combat global warming. 

The Obama administration is looking to reach “a sweeping international climate change agreement” that would not be a formal treaty that would require a two-thirds Senate approval — which almost cer

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on infrastructure in World Carbon Credit market, 14/08/2014.