This is a critique by Environment Support Group of the weak review of the environmental and social impacts of the POSCO project in Orissa, and how this has resulted in making project affected communities into a 'rightless people'.

State assures SC mining suspended in Bellary
Asserting that it has suspended mining operations of six companies in Ramgarh and Swamimalai blocks in Sandur range and Bellary division, the Karnataka Government told the Supreme Court on Thursday that action would be taken against some officers for issuing false no-objection certificates for mining on forest land.

Pointing out that it had suspende

Attappady tribes accuse department of helping windmill companies
PALAKKAD: Tribal people have alleged that the Forest Department has been encroaching upon their land at Kottathara in Attappady, where some windmill companies had earlier allegedly tried to usurp their property.

As in the local body elections last September, during the latest Assembly elections, they say, the department had been

With forests coming under stress from a large number of development and infrastructure work happening all over the country, the Environment Ministry has advised companies not to locate their projects on forest land unless it was completely necessary to do so.

The ministry has also issued a fresh directive telling companies to first get forest clearance for their projects before applying for env

This paper presents an overview of the distinctive features of communal tenure in different community-based land and natural resource management systems.

As the world’s largest multi-ethnic democracy, India has a federal constitution that is well-equipped with administrative devices that offer apparent recognition and measures of self-governance to territorially concentrated ethnic groups. This article analyzes how demands for political autonomy—or statehood—within the federal system have been used as a frame for social movement mobilization. It focuses on the most recent states to have been created in India: Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand,
which came into being in 2000.

The Compendium on Capacity for Implementing Land Based Mitigation has been produced in response to an identified demand from Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and other country officials for greater information on national policy contexts regarding the inclusion of land in the
climate change solution.

As budgets are cut local authorities are selling off farmland without considering the long-term implications of losing a valuable asset for future generations. Tom Levitt reports.

Scores of farmers and cadres of Communist Party of India (Marxist), including the party MLA K.

The delay in notifying the Regional Plan 2021 is costing the State dearly as industries are forced to move out of Goa due to non-availability of land for industrial purpose.