The Coal Minister Mr Sriprakash Jaiswal met visiting Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic Mr. Martin Kocourek here on Tuesday.

Residents living amid oil and gas well sites urged federal environmental regulators Thursday to implement rules that would require the industry to capture almost all of the smog-producing compounds

Conversion of carbon dioxide into methanol or to any other value-added chemical using solar light (known as artificial photosynthesis) is of great importance from the point of view of energy crisis and global warming problem. This note discusses the methods and challenges that need to be addressed for realizing processes for converting carbon dioxide to value-added chemicals.

Relying more on natural gas than on coal would not significantly slow down the effects of climate change, even though direct carbon dioxide emissions would be less, a new study has found.

Palm oil expansion in Southeast Asia is strongly associated with conversion and degradation of peatland. Find that past studies have generally significantly underestimated emissions from palm oil grown on peatland. In particular, this will have resulted in underestimation of the indirect land use change emissions from many biofuels.

Texas has endured its worst one-year drought in recorded history. And the hottest July. August is on course to be hotter still, setting another record.

Municipalities in rural areas collect garbage from houses and dump it in a low-lying marshy ground. After several years when this ground is completely

Australia's parliament endorsed the world's first national scheme that regulates the creation and trade of carbon credits from farming and forestry on Monday, to complement government plans to put

Atmospheric levels of methane, 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide (CO2) at trapping heat, stayed steady for two decades to 2006 on wider fertilizer use to grow rice or a surge in natural ga

Methane and ethane are the most abundant hydrocarbons in the atmosphere and they affect both atmospheric chemistry and climate. Both gases are emitted from fossil fuels and biomass burning, whereas methane (CH4) alone has large sources from wetlands, agriculture, landfills and waste water. Here we use measurements in firn (perennial snowpack) air from Greenland and Antarctica to reconstruct the atmospheric variability of ethane (C2H6) during the twentieth century.