As the latest round of United Nations climate negotiations began in Durban, South Africa, expectations could scarcely have been lower. A globally binding deal is further away than ever. That makes considerable warming from climate change inevitable.

The West Bengal government, in partnership with Essar Oil and Indian Oil, may soon run India’s first buses on coal-bed methane, a natural gas extracted from coal beds and, like other gases, conside

In the absence of historical field data, developing countries can rely on consistent current ground data and remote sensing assessments.

This briefing report highlights some of the key research and guidelines on calculating reservoir emissions from specific and regional projects.

Procedural delays seem to have impacted the progress of Dart Energy's coal-bed-methane hunt in Madhya Pradesh (Satpura) and Assam.

Green house gas emissions such as carbon dioxide have been increasing.

The geology department of Vinoba Bhave University will host an Italian MNC-sponsored workshop on Tuesday to train young minds on energy efficiency with a thrust on helping them identify alternative

This report addresses the mitigation of short-lived climate forcers (SLCFs) and its key role in air pollution reduction, climate protection and sustainable development. SLCFs are substances in the atmosphere that contribute to global warming and have relatively short lifetimes in the atmosphere.

Read this indepth review by Stockholm Environment Institute of new developments in climate economics and science since the Stern Review (2006) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fourth Assessment Report (2007).

Methane, the simplest of all alkane and the principal component of natural gas, fired the grey cells of more than 12 experts at a four-day workshop that was inaugurated at the executive centre of t