New Delhi:While the Centre plans stiff penal provisions for manual cleaning of sewers and septic tanks, Delhi Commission for Safai Karamcharis (DCSK) has sought a complete ban on the same in Delhi

This will be the third extension for completing CBM project that was given to ONGC nine years ago.

Oil and gas companies will have to capture toxic and climate-altering gases from wells, storage sites and pipelines under new air quality standards issued on Wednesday by the Environmental Protecti

New Delhi The initial hype over India’s shale gas potential seems to be making way for a more sober assessment of the unconventional energy that could actually be extracted from rock formations.

From an initial assessment of 300 trillion cubic feet (TCF) to 2,100 TCF of producible and non-producible gas present in Indian basins (called in-place gas), the latest study has brought down the ‘technical recoverable’ gas to about 6.1 TCF.

Controlling smog and soot is the classic win-win situation, so it's great that the world is finally waking up to the idea, says Drew Shindell.

DURGAPUR, 12 APRIL: Just a day after an earthquake shook several districts of the state, experts are now mulling over the question whether seismicity can affect Coal Bed Methane (CBM) exploration a

The alarming increase in global warming and unusual climatic shift have mainly triggered the recent natural disasters in South Asia, including Pakistan, as 97 percent of the world’s total floods du

In the present study an estimation of livestock enteric CH4 emission has been made from feeding systems (diets) for different animal functions (maintenance, production and growth) prevailing in different agroecological regions (AERs) of India using livestock population 2003. Estimations comprised of dietary intake, digestibility and CH4 emission factors for ruminant species of different age groups determined from feeding systems/diets. Methane production (ml g–1) from production diets in animal species tended to be more than growth and maintenance diets.

Fukushima is the latest spur for the campaign against the ambitious Kudankulum project in Tamil Nadu. Read this report on the sociology and politics of the 25-year old struggle and the status of nuclear eanergy a year after Fukushima.

The Environmental Protection Agency has postponed its first rules aimed at reducing air pollution from natural-gas wells that are drilled by hydraulic fracturing, following a last-minute push by oi