An atmosphere with less methane would encourage plants to soak up more carbon dioxide, buying precious time to solve the climate problem.

Heavy industry groups and states argued in a federal court on Tuesday that U.S.

Fights strong objections from petroleum ministry which currently enjoys regulatory powers

Nepal is looking to scale up its flagship household biogas programme, which has made forays into other developing countries in Asia and Africa.

Year after year, the world’s nations gather to find ways to reduce carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, with little meaningful progress.

Faulting the world for not doing enough to curb climate change, the United States on Thursday announced the formation of a six-nation coalition including Bangladesh to cut short-lived pollutants that speed up warming and harm health.

Aims to slow down global temperature rise by 0.5°C. The United States will lead a global campaign to reduce short-lived pollutants that aggravate global warming. In an announcement made on February 16, secretary of state Hillary Clinton announced the formation of a new coalition called Climate and Clean Air Coalition that will target non-Co2 pollutants, including methane, hydrofluorocarbons and black carbon. She made the announcement in the presence of ministers from four member countries of the coalition.

The UK could considerably reduce its carbon footprint if more of us switched to a vegetarian diet, according to new research by Lancaster University.

The United States said on Thursday it will contribute $12 million to a six-country initiative to fight against climate change by low-cost programs, such as promoting clean cooking stoves.

Impatient with the slow pace of international climate change negotiations, a small group of countries led by the United States is starting a program to reduce emissions of common pollutants that co