In a move that will see the world's deepest oils drilled off the East African coast, the Kenyan government has signed an exploration treaty with a uk- based company. Although the move is likely

Poor management of Nigeria's environment is costing the country around us $5 billion a year in ruined land and lost forests, an

at least 1,000 tonnes of fish were recently found dead near the shores

The Bush administration has passed a bill that permits oil and gas exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

the Republicans in the us Senate will soon introduce a legislation that includes a provision to open some parts of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, in northeastern Alaska, to oil and

Brazil may end up attaining economic development at the cost of the

ONGC is refused permission by the Assam pollution control board for further drilling

Proposal for an oil exploration site inside the Kirthar National Park outrages environmentalists in Pakistan

The Sindh Wildlife Department is opposing oil exploration in a national park in Pakistan

INDIA'S interest in petroleum has grown rapidly. Understandably so, because the investments made are large and the returns fair, and could be even more attractive if we priced it properly. But,