Laid off tea workers fall back on forests in West Bengal

The Supreme Court has issued notices to the Union ministries of agriculture, chemical, fertiliser and petrochemicals, health and family welfare, environment and forests, and food and consumer affairs

THE Darjeeling tea industry is battling for survival after witnessing record low harvest in 1997. According to the Darjeeling Planters' Association (DPA), the apex body of tea growers, due to

Sri Lanka, the world's top tea exporter, is going all guns to promote tea as a health drink and as an alternative to soft drinks. Ranjith Maligaspe, director-general of the Sri Lanka Tea Board,

Green tea could prevent you from becoming liverish and weak hearted

IS CAFFEINE, which is present in tea, coffee and coke, harmful to pregnant women and foetuses? Although there have been indications to the contrary, a recent Canadian study has found evidence that

Dense cinchona and silver oak forests covering 3,000 ha in Valparai in the Annamalai hills will be replaced by tea plantations if the state-run Tamil Nadu Plantation Corporation Ltd (TNPCL) has its