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the Spanish government has approved a plan to transfer water from the Ebro, one of Spain's largest rivers, to the parched southern part of the country. Ecologists opine that the plan violates the

Biogas plants need to be improved technologically before they become a success. Efforts are on

It is not easy to initiate a movement for water conservation in the face of drought. But the Madhya Pradesh government pushed forward in all the villages of the state

VARIOUS STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR PETROL What the Indian government recommends for 2005 Europe has bettered in 2000 PARAMETERS SPECIFICATIONS

Traditional structures still hold ground

The prohibitive costs and some expert suggestions to bring them down

The diffusion of infotech happens at varying speeds at various levels. The speed at which the technology spreads its reach in an industrialised country is 243 times the speed at which it can impact a

While UK faces increased incidence of floods, the US water resources are threatened by global warming

the genetic makeup of a plant has been deciphered for the first time by a team of scientists. The decoding of the genetic makeup of Arabidopsis thaliana , also known as thale cress, will

Fighting the drought preoccupies the new government. Charting a mining policy to explore the rich mineral deposits is next on the agenda