To contribute to the fight against climate change, the MDBs have to date largely operated under what we refer to as a Climate Finance Paradigm. That paradigm involves defining, tracking, and maximizing the amount of climate finance that MDBs provide and mobilize.

Parties will take important decisions about the future of the Adaptation Fund at COP 24 in Katowice, Poland. This paper provides recommendations for those negotiations specifically regarding the Fund’s operating modalities including future mobilisation of sources of finance; safeguards; and governance.

This briefing paper describes how the G20 could enable a shift of international financial flows to low-carbon and climate-resilient development, as mandated by the Paris Agreement in Article 2.1c.

This paper examines the development of the solar PV and wind industries across China, Germany, India, Japan, and the United States from 2001–2011.

This paper identifies key components of smart renewable energy policy in developing countries, focusing on the power sector. It also provides recommendations for maximizing the effectiveness of international support for deployment of renewable energies, drawn from these on-the-ground experiences in developing countries.

Policymakers seem to face a trade-off when designing national trade and investment policies related to clean energy sectors.

As the United States and other developed countries have enacted or are in the process of developing legislation to cap greenhouse gas emissions post-2012, their policymakers are under increasing pressure from domestic constituencies to include trade measures as part of climate policy. This working paper analyzes relevant measures in emerging U.S.

This working paper maps out the structure and value chains of the wind industry, analyzes the wind industry

This paper identifies the key elements needed to ensure enhanced action on technology transfer and development and then evaluates the approaches taken in major country positions. It finds a number of important convergences in these positions and