The Copenhagen Accord calls for a collective commitment by developed countries to provide

This recent HBF publication focuses on the role of cities in solving the climate crisis and presents models of sustainable architecture and urban planning.

It is mainly the inhabitants of the global South who suffer from the effects of climate change. They are faced with the destruction of their living space and the violation of their human rights.

Climate change and the policies instituted to combat it are affecting the realization of the right to food in myriad, often unnoticed ways.

The number of undernourished people in the world has set a scandalous new record of one billion in 2009, in spite of a record grain harvest in 2008. This book argues that the

The paper examines whether democracy at the country level and global climate change matter for another. It raises the question of how to support democracy

Together the United States and China account for approximately 40 percent of the world's carbon dioxide emissions, and only through concerted and coordinated action the challenge of climate change can be met. Technology transfer promises to be one of the key areas for U.S.-China cooperation.

This paper aimed at examining the Central Government involvement in the NER to analyze what factors define the shaping of policies and the attitude and approaches the Government pursues towards the NE. One factor, which seems to influence the framing of policies as well as defining the Government

Climate change is real, it is happening already, and its impacts on people are not gender-neutral. It is affecting men and women all over the world differently, especially in the world

This paper aims to summarize India?s policies and measures to address climate change, and to introduce major determinants and consequences of that policy, as well as the actors involved in the policy process. An overview of sector-based mitigation policies is also given.