When it comes to deforestation, the task of reconciling climate and
development goals poses a daunting challenge. Forest clearing is both the source of significant greenhouse gas emissions that fuel climate change and, for some farmers, the most practical means for expanding agricultural production to meet rising food demands.

An estimated 800 million urban dwellers lack access to safe and adequate drinking water. Most of those people live in unplanned, low-income areas and slums. The vital role of groundwater for this group remains largely unexplored despite that some 50 per cent of all urban water use worldwide is attributed to well, spring and borehole sources.

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Most of the Yanadi community in Chittoor and Nellore districts are now seeking their livelihoods by getting jobs in other places and are living their life forgetting much about their age old rich traditions and customs. The net result is that traditional knowledge and customary practices that were in practice since times immemorial are dying out day by day.

Great ape ranges coincide with some of the poorest countries of the world – particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Great apes attract a great deal of conservation interest and funding, due to their close genetic relationship with humans and their status as global flagship species for conservation.

This paper specifically describes the urbanization experience of
Brazil, by far the largest country in Latin America, and which has
attained levels of urbanization that surpass those of most European

As climate change has risen on the development agenda, so has the demand for research to understand the effects it will have on society and what can be done by governments, businesses, communities and households to deal with its impacts. The rapid increase in development assistance funding for climate change has brought with it opportunities to scale up work on development and poverty reduction.

In Bangladesh, equitable and sustainable water management is critically important due to the country

Climate finance is becoming a dark curve on the road from Copenhagen to Canc