Malnutrition is costing the Cambodian economy $266 million annually in lost economic growth, according to study published last week in the journal Nutrients.

This report was prepared for the Asia EIA Conference 2016 organised on 10 May by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ).

Efforts to save Cambodia's royal turtle, one of the world's most critically endangered species, are being hampered by dredging and illegal forest clearances, a wildlife conservation group warned on

PHNOM PENH, April 25 (Xinhua) -- The Cambodian government would soon list five new forests with a total of about 950,000 hectares in the country's protected forest areas, officials said on Monday.

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — The latest crackdown on illegal logging in Cambodia is "just a game" and big timber traders are winning, says Ouch Leng, a former government official who has spent two d

The dry forests of Cambodia once serve as the home for a number of Indochinese tigers, but now, due to excessive human activities, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has declared tigers to be "functionally"

Cambodia has an opportunity to become a leader in clean, renewable electricity as renewable energy sources such as sun, wind, water and biomass energy abound.

Almost every province in Cambodia is facing some level of drought, but only a few provinces were facing a severe shortage of water, local newspaper reported Wednesday, citing a meteorology official

The greatest of all South-East Asia’s waterways and the world’s 12th-longest river, the Mekong, is a natural wonder that ties together the destinies of half a dozen countries.

New advanced satellite maps of tropical countries reveal that more than 90 percent of recent tree cover loss took place in natural forests rather than plantations, threatening ecosystems and biodiv