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Amanda Sutton looks over a wheat field in northern Colorado and sees a potential "carbon offset project" that could help curb greenhouse gas emissions linked to global warming.

"This is a patch of highly-cultivated land that could provide potential carbon offsets," she said, standing by the field which is owned by the city of Fort Collins and the surrounding county.

The World Bank said on Tuesday it will buy 500,000 tons of carbon credits from a forest project replanting about 4,120 hectares destroyed by deforestation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Replanting forests, which have been cut or burned, is central to the reduction in global greenhouse case emissions because they soak up vast amounts of carbon dioxide.

Narayan Lakshman

Forestry is at the centre-stage of global climate change negotiations. This is because forests have the potential to be a carbon sink as well as a source of carbon emissions. This publication provides a useful snapshot of the carbon value of India

This report addresses sea-level rise and the associated flooding of coastal regions and it s the first-of-its kind assessment incorporating the fate of the ice sheets of Greenland and West Antarctica into global sea level projections.

U.S. farmers and foresters could earn more money from carbon contracts than they pay in higher costs from legislation to control greenhouse gases, the Agriculture Department estimated on Wednesday.

Scientists need better Earth-monitoring tools to see whether climate policies are working. (Editorial)

The impact on U.S. farms and ranches from climate-change legislation will be bearable, partly because of the chance to earn money for controlling greenhouse gases, said the House Agriculture Committee chairman on Tuesday.

A new report has revealed that a change in the way we manage agricultural land could help sequester a quarter of the world's carbon dioxide emissions every year.