UNITED NATIONS: Chinese President Hu Jintao on Tuesday announced four measures that China would adopt to further integrate action on climate change into its economic and social development plan.

Feedbacks on climate change so far identified are predominantly positive, enhancing the rate of change. Loss of sea-ice, increase in desert areas, water vapour increase, loss of tropical rain forest and the restriction of significant areas of marine productivity to higher latitude (thus smaller geographical zones) all lead to an enhancement of the rate of change.

Shishir Prashant / Dehra Dun September 07, 2009, 0:29 IST

The Centre today announced

This latest IUCN paper presents a vision for drylands that makes their sustainable development a global responsibility. Focuses on maximizing the opportunities that exist for sustainable dryland development and empowerment of local people at national and international levels.

This document details the recent initiatives being undertaken by the Ministry of environment and Forests to address the issue of climate change. These are in the field of forestry, energy efficiency, research agenda and CDM capacities.

Negotiations on a future climate policy framework addressing Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) are ongoing. Regardless of how such a framework will be designed, many technical solutions of estimating forest cover and forest carbon stock change exist to support policy in monitoring and accounting.

Estimation of soil organic carbon (SOC) is indispensable

A stand of young redwoods, survivors in what was once a magnificent forest of towering giants, could play a small part of the battle to slow global warming -- and forms part of an emerging market.

India has claimed that over the last two decades, it has not only managed to reverse deforestation but has also managed to transform its forests into a significant net sink of carbon dioxide (CO2).

This ICFRE paper focuses on carbon value of India