The amount of carbon locked away in frozen soils in the far Northern Hemisphere is double previous estimates and rapid melting could accelerate global warming, a study released on Wednesday says.

Large areas of northern Russia, Canada, Nordic countries and the U.S. state of Alaska have deep layers of frozen soil near the surface called permafrost.

The objective of this report is to explore the topic of carbon sinks in forest ecosystems, focusing on the issue of REDD.

Dera Mandi forest is all set to earn carbon credits for Delhi Government which plans to develop 727 hectares into a zone that will help mitigate the growth in concentration of greenhouse gases.

One controversial issue in the larger cap-and-trade debate is the proper use and certification of carbon offsets related to changes in land management.

Organised crime syndicates are eyeing the nascent forest carbon credit industry as a potentially lucrative new opportunity for fraud, an Interpol environmental crime official said on Friday.

Peter Younger, an environmental crimes specialist at the world's largest international police agency, was referring to a UN-backed scheme called reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation.

Carbon credits derived from a fledgling forest conservation scheme for developing nations will struggle to compete with palm oil as an investment, industry advisers and conservationists said on Friday.

Counting the climate-warming carbon dioxide locked up in forests could offer a cheaper way to curb the greenhouse gas than by considering only emissions from industry and fossil fuels, according to a new study.

Australia's forestry firms are poised for major growth from emissions trading plans that could give the sector a multi-million dollar boost when it becomes the first to kick off a nationwide scheme to cut carbon pollution.

The five-day World Ocean Conference has ended in Indonesia's Sulawesi Island with a focus on the state of the oceans, the role they play in the world's changing climate and the negative effects of climate change on the world's oceans.

The United Nations took a step towards a new climate treaty on Friday by publishing the first draft negotiating texts to help bridge a "great gulf" between options for rich nations to cut greenhouse gas emissions.