Algae Planted To Suck CO

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Higher temperatures will kill forests. So much for sinks Trees

Scientists propose burying it below oceans WORLD carbon dioxide levels are rising. The future is expected to be exceptionally warm. Many technologies are being proposed to tackle it. Efficiently reducing global warming requires carbon capture in large amounts. Furthermore, the captured carbon has to stay that way for thousands of years. Methods for carbon capture should be

A model analysis of the uptake of carbon dioxide in the North Atlantic carries with it a cautionary reminder about interpreting what may be short-term trends as signals of long-term climate change.

The Amazon forest is alarmingly sensitive to reduced rainfall, a comprehensive analysis of an unusual drought in 2005 has shown.

The study provides the first evidence that Amazonia could release vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere if climate change produced hotter, drier weather in the region.

It is being increasingly realized that the forests play a critical role in global carbon cycle and after significant potential to capture carbon and thus could play important role in climate change mitigation.

Participants at a scientific conference held in Copenhagen in March were shocked to hear new, much higher estimates for likely sea-level rise and rainforest loss that could lead to trees emitting more carbon than they store.

The collapse of the Soviet Union had diverse consequences, not least the abandonment of crop cultivation in many areas. One result has been the vast accumulation of soil organic carbon in the areas affected.

London: Tropical trees have grown bigger over the past 40 years and now absorb 20% of fossil fuel emissions from the atmosphere, highlighting the need to preserve threatened forests, British researchers said.