A new study “Air Pollution Challenges for developing megacities like Delhi” published today in the journal Atmospheric Environment has described how Delhi suffers a toxic blend of geography, growt

This paper presents an overview of current household energy trends in Africa, and the reasons why access to modern cooking facilities remains so low.

Only a fifth of rural households in India have access to an LPG connection and 95% of rural households use some form of traditional fuel for cooking, the largest energy access survey in

Kalangala — Mr Richard Ssegaluma, the owner of Luggo forest in Kalangala District, has asked Buganda Kingdom to pay him Shs9 billion if the kingdom wants to take over the forest.

For the past year, a steady stream of villagers has been visiting Muhammad Naeem's home in this quaint mountain town in Pakistan's northwestern Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.

In a bid to curb desert encroachment and land degradation, Sokoto State Government has banned the practice of felling trees which some use as firewood for domestic purposes.

Deforestation is assuming high proportions in the Northern Regions, especially the Upper East region as some unscrupulous persons have resorted to cutting down young trees to sell as fuel wood and

This paper provides field experiment–based evidence on the potential additional forest carbon sequestration that cleaner and more fuel-efficient cookstoves might generate. The paper focuses on the Mirt (meaning “best”) cookstove, which is used to bake injera, the staple food in Ethiopia.

In contrast, more than 68% of urban households use LPG for cooking

More than 67% of rural households in India still depend on firewood or wood chips for cooking.

Unauthorized use of natural resources is a key threat to many protected areas. Approaches to reducing this threat include law enforcement and integrated conservation and development (ICD) projects, but for such ICDs to be targeted effectively, it is important to understand who is illegally using which natural resources and why. The nature of unauthorized behavior makes it difficult to ascertain this information through direct questioning.