Agriculture and food systems play an important role in fossil fuel consumption and climate change because of their significant energy use and because of agriculture

contaminated milk continues to be sold in Maharashtra despite crack-down measures taken by authorities. The Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (fda), had, in a study, found that 20 per

On June 28, 2007, the us announced a broader import control on farm-raised fish imported from China. The us Food and Drug Administration (fda) will now check if shipments are free of residues of

Everyday as the evening settles, a 2-km stretch in Govindpuri comes alive. Food vendors line streets of this resettlement colony in the outskirts of posh South Delhi, trying to attract workers

Organic agriculture is practised in more than 120 countries. Over 31 million hectares in 633,891 farms are certified organic Oceania has about 40 per cent of the world's organic land. Europe

Standard 1.4.2.

This report presents the information on nutritional intake by the Indian population. Among the different nutrients only three nutrients: viz. calorie, protein and fat - are discussed in this report. This report gives an idea about intake of these nutrients in different monthly per capita expenditure classes from different items of food.

Industry anxiously awaits implementation of Food Safety and Standards Act. Various features of the Act raise the hopes of the industry that inspector-raj will come to an end leading to speedy and fair resolution of cases and disputes. All FSSA activities under progress must be shared with the industries in view of the fact that they are expected to implement the Act.

the European Union (eu) banned 11 Pakistani export firms from exporting seafood to eu countries in February citing unhealthy and unhygienic conditions at Karachi port in Sindh province. This is the