Developing country producers face several constraints related to food safety standards imposed by developed countries. The purpose of this study is to identify factors affecting export flows with respect to food safety standards; and to measure the effects of food safety standards on exports. This study incorporates a food safety variable in a gravity model.

The uk food industry's new nutrition labelling scheme is making its products look healthier than they really are, notes a recent report of the uk-based National Heart Forum. Under the new scheme some

The object of food safety surveillance and monitoring system is to ensure that the food supplied in the market is safe.

Opposition to gm The All India Rice Exporters Association filed an application in the Supreme Court, in November 2006, asking to be included as petitioners in the civil writ petition filed by Aruna

THE temptation to pick up one of the golden clumps of gur (jaggery) seemed overwhelming as we walked around Asia's largest gur market. But Pramod Kumar Jain, our companion, urged restraint. "Do

From now on, McDonald's-uk will be sourcing its coffee beans from farms certified by the New York-based global non-profit Rainforest Alliance. Starting January 10, 2007, all McDonald restaurants in

This paper seeks to capture the dynamics of the industry over the more recent past.

ban on projects: The Himachal High Court on November 6 clamped a ban on new projects in the private sector (including hotels and residential complexes) above Rs 25 lakh involving construction

It is not a widely known fact, but 25 per cent of the total tea produced in West Bengal and Assam, and other northeastern states is produced by small growers. Their contribution to the total national

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