Canada heaves sigh of relief. The European Union’s plan to rank oil extracted from tar sands as highly polluting hit a roadblock as its fuel quality directive committee (a group of experts) could not reach a unanimous decision in the voting held on February 23. The oil extracted from tar sands, like those found in the Canadian province of Alberta, was to be given a default value of 107 grams of CO2 equivalent per megajoule (MJ).

A controversial EU plan to label oil originating from oil sands deposits, like those found in the Canadian province of Alberta, as “highly polluting” has been temporarily put on hold, after an EU committee failed to make a definite decision on the matter.

There are currently around 90 cities that India's Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) identified as critically polluted. Particulate matter (PM), especially fine particulate matter (PM2.5), dominates the concern. Other air pollutants such as NO2, ozone (O3), and air toxics are also problematic.

One of the vital activities in an urban area is transport. However it also contributes to air pollution, noise pollution and road traffic accidents. Congestion, vibration, community severance and visual intrusion are other transport related problems. Air quality on the city of Kolkata (a metro city of India) seems to be deteriorating. Pollution level in the city and its outskirts is alarming. This is due to old vehicle plying in the road of Kolkata and illegal vehicle plying violating pollution norms, by using bad fuel such as KATATEL.

As part of CAI-Asia's mission to promote better air quality and livable cities, CAI-Asia conducted an annual review of main events relevant to air quality, climate change and transport in Asia. The review, which started on 2008 and initially focused on sustainable transport, has now evolved to include air quality and climate events.

Lanka IOC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Indian Oil Corporation, will introduce for the first time in the Sri Lankan market, Euro III grade petrol in about a fortnight.

The European Commission's plans to class fuel from oil sands, including Canada's, as highly polluting are based on science and it will proceed with talks with EU member states to implement the meas

Britain has been blamed by environmentalists for seeking to delay attempts by the European Union to penalise oil derived from tar sands.

Canada warned on Sunday it will "defend its interests" if the European Union (EU) goes through with a proposal to rank Canadian oil sands as a highly polluting fuel.

Canada and the European Union are embroiled in a dispute over a key piece of EU climate legislation which Ottawa claims discriminates against one of its key exports—crude from the oil sands of Albe