The steel ministry has said that the royalty to be paid by a coal block allocatee to the concerned mineral-rich state should be based on the actual reserves of the allocated block or on the quantum of coal extracted from it as a measure to discourage non-serious players from taking part in the process.

In course of a recent meeting convened by the coal ministry to discuss various issues on fina

This report examines how low-carbon technologies have been introduced, adapted, deployed, and diffused in three greenhouse gas-intensive sectors in China: supercritical/ultrasupercritical (SC/USC) coal-fired power generation technology; onshore wind energy technology; and blast furnace top gas recovery turbine (TRT) technology in the steel sector.

Steel will remain the dominant material in the manufacture of cars even as environmental pressures lead to greater use of lightweight aluminum.

But aluminum is more expensive than steel and prices are considered more volatile. What's more, steel producers have not been sitting on their hands.

As Chhattisgarh advances to become the largest producer of thermal power, cement and sponge iron, this special report in Down To Earth finds out what affect this fast-paced industrialisation will have on the state and its people.

Beyond Doha Round technicalities, the broader economic debate is focused on

Department of Environment yesterday fined a steel mill Tk 5.63 lakh for polluting air by emitting toxic smoke at city's Bayezid Bostami area.
A team of the DoE, led by its Director (enforcement) Munir Chowdhury, imposed the penalty on Islam Steel Mills Limited in a drive under Operation Prevent Environment Crim

Discussion in Lok Sabha on illegal mining in various states.

Stop work order in POSCO dated 04th August 2010 with regard to diversion of 1253.225 ha of forest land for establishment of Integrated Steel Plant and Captive Port by POSCO-India Pvt. Ltd., Jagatsinghpur district of Orissa.

Open letter to Manmohan Singh

on the subject of nationalistation/resumption of iron ore mining valued at over two trillion dollars.