French diplomacy is fighting 23 years of entrenched positions in international climate talks as backroom negotiations continue with the aim of pushing through a draft agreement by Wednesday.

Mangrove forest ecosystems are threatened by direct impacts such as cutting and pollution due to agricultural, industrialization and urbanization activities. Mangrove forests are often regarded as unpleasant environments with little intrinsic value. Mangrove forests perform valued regional and site-specific functions. Mangrove species can take up excessive nutrients and also play a crucial role in creating a favourable environment for a variety of chemical, biological and physical processes that contribute to the inorganic removal and degradation of organic compounds.

The recent episode of an oppressive smog that blanketed Southeast Asia highlights an entirely new kind of problem in contemporary international relations, namely, the complexity of transnational governance when traditional remedies--from bombs and missiles at one extreme, to diplomatic démarches and summits on the more polite end--are of no use at all.

With an aim to strengthen energy security while increasing energy access, both India and Malaysia have agreed to set up a Joint Working Group on new and renewable energy at the earliest that would

Malaysia closed schools in several states and the capital Kuala Lumpur on Monday due to choking smoke from Indonesian slash-and-burn farming that has smothered much of Southeast Asia in smog for we

With the World Rivers Day just around the corner, the World Wide Fund (WWF) Malaysia is calling on Malaysians to place serious attention on the issue of water pollution in the country.

JAKARTA – A worsening haze across northern Indonesia, neighboring Singapore and parts of Malaysia on Tuesday forced some schools to close and airlines to delay flights, while Indonesia ordered a cr

Smog-affected ASEAN countries, especially Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, should allocate up to US$10 billion to cope with unending forest fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan, a scientist said.

Smog from forest fires in Indonesia on Tuesday prompted the cancellation of flights and warnings for people to stay indoors, while pushing air quality to unhealthy levels in neighbouring Singapore

The air quality in Tanjung Malim, Perak recorded unhealthy Air Pollutants Index (API) reading of 101 Tuesday afternoon.