It's double trouble for global pharma companies in India.

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America and the United States India Business Council
are miffed over the recent Novartis judgment of the Supreme Court (SC) of India. For us, however, this ruling on the

Supreme Court judgement dated 01-04-2013:in Appeal Civil No. 2706-2716/2013 @ SLP(C) 20539-20549/2009 Novartis AG Vs. Union of India and ors (Patent/Cancer Drug).

The Supreme Court will pronounce on Monday its verdict in a landmark patent case involving Swiss pharma giant Novartis AG.

The company has challenged the denial of patent to its blood cancer drug Glivec in India The verdict, which is crucial even for public health, is being watched closely by global pharmaceutical firms, who have been pushing for stronger patent protection in India to regulate the country's $26-billion generic drug industry.

Vernon Hugh Bowman, a 75-year old Indiana farmer, says that switching to Monsanto Inc.'s "Roundup Ready" soybeans "made things so much simpler and better." Monsanto's patented beans can survive whe

A technology called a ‘terminator’ was never going to curry much favour with the public. But even Monsanto, the agricultural biotechnology giant in St Louis, Missouri, was surprised by the furore that followed when it patented a method for engineering transgenic crops to produce sterile seed, forcing farmers to buy new seed for each planting. In 1999, Monsanto’s chief executive pledged not to commercialize terminator seeds.

A freewheeling and almost entirely one-sided argument at the Supreme Court on Tuesday indicated that the justices would not allow Monsanto’s patents for genetically altered soybeans to be threatene

Disputes over intellectual property rights can delay the spread of clean technologies to the developing world, but they are not wholly to blame.

There is something that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has in common with US diplomats—or at least the intellectual property (IP) attachés posted at various diplomatic missions: a dislike of NGOs. Both, the leader of the world’s most populous democracy and the diplomats of the most powerful democracy, make no bones about the fact that they find NGOs a stumbling block in implementing their various agendas.

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Biopiracy is a compound word consisting of ‘bio’ which is a short form for ‘biology’ and ‘piracy’. Biopirates are those
individuals and industries/companies accused of one or both of the following acts: (i) the theft, misappropriation of, or