The Ministry of consumer affairs in an extra ordinary gazette notification, made an amendment to bring in GM food labeling under G.S.R.

India started exporting a small amount of honey in 1991-1992 and has now established itself as an important honey exporter to the world market. The quantity exported has increased substantially, and today India exports honey to 62 countries, including Germany, Saudi Arabia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

The Health Ministry is in favour of banning smokeless forms of tobacco which are being used by 25 per cent of the population and are known to contain chemical components with serious implications f

Clarifying that gutka is a food product, the health ministry will soon issue instructions to the states against allowing use of tobacco-laced gutka or pan masala.

“It has now been established beyond doubt that gutka is a food product and falls under the Prevention of Food Adultration Law. The Supreme Court ruled in a recent order that gutka be treated as a food item. That being the case, its adulteration is violative of laws. Tobacco, which is an injurious substance, cannot be used in gutka,” Keshav Desiraju, additional secretary, health, said.

Officials sensitise owners, vendors to Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006

Manufacturers and traders of food items have appealed to the State Government to urge the Centre to defer the implementation of the Food Safety and Standards Act 2011 (FSSA) for the next three years.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday, the president of Tamil Nadu Foodgrains Merchants Association, S. P. Jeyapragasam, claimed that the FSSA would allow multinationals to open shop here, thereby affecting the small food manufacturers and traders.

Alarmed over the steep increase in obesity-related ailments in India, the Centre is planning norms for trans-fatty acid content in vanaspati oil by limiting it to 10 per cent and bring it down to five per cent in the next two years.

Along with this, the government also plans to introduce mandatory labelling providing information on saturated fat and trans fatty acids content on packs of vanaspati oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, edible oil and other products containing TFA.

The standards for food products and additives have been prescribed in the Food Safety and Standards (Food Product Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, 2011. These standards are substantially the same as were notified under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Rules 1955 which got repealed on 5th August, 2011.

The All-India Food Processors Association (AIFPA) today approached the Delhi High Court, pleading that the court should hear them before passing any final order on a petition that seeks ban on carb

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