Singapore is approaching its yearly "haze" season, when smoke from forest clearing in Indonesia chokes the air, with this year likely to be worse than 2013's record pollution thanks to lack of acti

Provide nutritious food to children: CSE’s Sunita Narain.

Smoke from land clearing fires in Indonesia causes hazardous haze pollution in South East Asia every year.

Singapore and Malaysia are grappling with some of the driest weather they have ever seen, forcing the tiny city-state to ramp up supplies of recycled water while its neighbor rations reserves amid

Singapore on Wednesday topped an international survey of the best cities in Asia for expatriates while the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka was named the worst.

India ranks 25th among 43 countries in the Asia-Pacific region

Noting India continued to suffer from low but improving levels of economic freedom, the latest Index of Economic Freedom ranked the nation 120th globally and 25th among 43 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Cities are choking because of their own construction and demolition (C&D) waste with serious environmental consequences warned the sustainable building experts at the conference organised by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) & Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA). 

Southeast Asian nations agreed on Wednesday to adopt a new system to improve monitoring of smog caused by fires, an attempt to make plantation companies more accountable following the region's wors

Tonnes of e-waste from Bangalore and across India are shipped to Singapore, Belgium and Japan.

Forest fires bring record levels of air pollution; and the end is not in sight.