The traditional pickles of indigenous fruits and vegetables, viz., galgal, lingri, aaroo, plum, lasura, dehu, kachnar and beedana are popular in rural and urban areas of Himachal Pradesh since the very early times. These are used as appetizers and served practically with every meal. The traditional pickles of Himachal Pradesh are unique in the raw material, method of preparation and taste from the pickles in other parts of country. In the present study, the methods of preparation of traditional pickles as practiced by the rural folk have been documented.

An experiment to simulate the conditions of growing crops on Mars has yielded 10 different species, including peas, tomatoes, rocket and radish.

The government plans to release genetically modified (GM) potato, reportedly capable of resisting late blight disease, during the upcoming season.

Indian agriculture is once again in a slowdown. After the spurt of 2004–05—2011–12 when growth accelerated and the variability of production declined, in recent years growth has slowed and volatility has risen. Given weak world economic prospects and looming climate change, the main objectives of agricultural policy should now be to (i) enhance effi ciency of production and natural resource use, and (ii) devise appropriate safety nets to cope with risks whether from markets or climate.

National Agricultural Research Organisation (Naro) is in the process of breeding Irish Potato varieties that are resistant to late blight, a fungal disease ravaging the crop in farmers' fields acro

On the eve of World Cancer Day, health experts blamed increasing urbanisation, lifestyle changes, high levels of industrial and environmental pollution and inadvertent entry of chemicals in the hum

A Japanese company has a new way to grow vegetables. Kyoto-based Spread, a vegetable production company, announced that it will open the world's first robot run farm, according to a news release.

Bijnor: Despite district administration's decision to teach farmers about organic farming, especially along the banks of the Ganga, cultivators and land mafia groups have already started farming wi

The vegetables produced by Kerala farmers are safe to eat, according to a report published by the Kerala Agricultural University (KAU).

Root and tuber crops play significant role in the food security of the local people. Especially, in South and Southwestern parts of Ethiopia, there is a long history of cultivation and use of the crops. Exploration and collection of root and tuber crops were undertaken in East Wollega and Ilu Ababora zones. A total of 76 root and tuber crops germplasm were collected in the present study.

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