This paper includes: a summary of the systemic nature of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation; Examples of biodiversity loss, ecosystem degradation and the associated value at risk; Current perceptions of biodiversity loss amongst business leaders and other decision makers; A typology of business risks related to biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation including current examples and

This report provides an update on the status of investment in clean energy and how the sector has survived the financial crisis. It also provides a critical overview of the various public and private sector financing mechanisms at the national, state and local level that could help unleash further necessary investment.

The Task Force recommends that UNFCCC parties agree at COP 15 to create a set of public-private initiatives in close consultation with business and other non-governmental experts. This would create a bottom-up dimension to the world

This study puts forward proposals for the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions in various sectors, such as transport and accommodation. It also considers market mechanisms and innovative methods of financing the transformation towards a green economy and encourages new public-private-partnerships.

Significant business disruptions due to water scarcity