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Thousands of people, including orphan children, face a bleak future living in the world s most polluted city

EC prosecutes UK and France over pollution failures

A meeting to eliminate persistent organic pollutants throws up more questions than answers

EPA investigators find serious lapses in the US air pollution control programme

Pollutants released by world's industrialised nations end up in Inuit's food

SCIENTISTS will soon launch a study on polar bears to determine how chemical pollutants are affecting their health. Researchers from the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) in Tromsoe, have planned to

tuberculosis has devastated Russia's population. Tatyana Dmitrieva, Russian health minister, says that the incidence of tuberculosis had more than doubled since 1991, reaching 68 cases per

Two crore pilgrims visit the Sabarimala shrine in Kerala annually, and the environment pays dearly for it

ENVIRONMENTALISTS from Japan and other Countries are protesting against a government -funded dike, which has dried out the Isahaya wetlands in the Nagasaki Prefecture. The once-thriving wet-lands

THF battle to save the Aral sea (Down To Earth, Vol 4, No 12), which has been on for several years now, is plagued by a dearth of solutions. "They are compiling voluminous reports, listing