Climate change is likely to worsen floods on rivers such as the Ganges, the Nile and the Amazon this century while a few, including the now-inundated Danube, may become less prone, a Japanese-led s

Dresden (Germany): Central Europe’s worst floods in over a decade claimed a 12th victim on Wednesday as torrents of muddy water surged down swollen rivers through the Czech Republic and into German

One of the notable details of Monday's landmark ruling to ban the use of some neonicotinoid pesticides across the European Union was Germany's vote in favour.

Samples exceeded the US FDA provisional total tolerable intake levels

Afforestation, planting trees in an area where there have previously been no trees, can reduce the effect of climate change by cooling temperate regions, finds a study in BioMed Central's open acce

Germany and six other EU nations hold the key to the decision on a rescue plan for the world's biggest carbon market after prices slumped due to record oversupply, three EU officials with knowledge

An audit has found that EU-funded energy efficiency projects are not cost-effective in EU member states.

The European Commission has approved state aid of 1.88 billion euros for the Czech Republic and 56 million euros for Hungary in the form of free carbon allowances, it said on Wednesday.

One in six people in the European Union (EU) are at risk of poverty, the Executive Director of the Austrian Association for Policy Consulting and Development (OeGPP) said Monday.

The Czech parliament's lower house approved a law on Wednesday setting rules for the allocation of carbon allowances to companies in 2013-2020, using an exception from full auctioning negotiated by