private sector participation in forestry projects will only be allowed in degraded and denuded forest lands. The recently approved Approach Paper to the Ninth Five Year Plan (1997-2002) says that the concept of privatisation of forest areas was not conducive in the Indian context and would therefore, not be encouraged in forest resource management.

Issues in which the economic interests of industrialised countries coincide with their ecological interests are acceptable in the UN; the rest is usually a sham

THE Swedes, known to have a scalpedearth policy for a long time, have now come up with a ecologically sound way of logging which is also profitable. Earlier, the woodcutters used to bare almost

Forest protection in a Midnapore village has created prosperity and local heroes

A campaign to save the last surviving primary forest in Europe launched last September in Warsaw still continues. Biolowieza Forest, spread over an area of 1,500 sq km and lying in Poland and

IN AN appeal to save the planet, law students of the Delhi-based Centre for Environmental Law enacted Vasundhra (Earth), at their convocation ceremony. The play, directed by Amitava Dasgupta, was a

An Australian tree offers wood that can replace teak for furniture

FIVE YEARS ago, the social forestry department in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra cleared several trees from a forest near Nandivse village to plant acacia trees. It did not know that the 4-ha patch was a sacred grove surrounding the temple of a powerful local deity, Kal Bhairon. The villagers, too, joined in because they were paid for the felling and planting.

WHENEVER a dictionary of green terms is written, even if it is in English, it will contain at least one Hindi word. And that word is Chipko. The idea that people are prepared to hug trees to save