Forests and trees enhance and protect landscapes, ecosystems and production systems. They provide goods and services which are essential to the survival and well-being of all humanity.

This Access and Benefit Sharing Policy is developed to guide access to Bhutan’s genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge and ensure the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from their research and commercial utilization.

New Delhi : A member of the Supreme Court appointed Technical Expert Committee (TEC) on GM crops has told the apex court that the five other members on the panel had submitted a report without his

A change in a single amino acid (A477V) in one pigmentation-related gene (SLC45A2) causes some tigers to have white fur with dark or sepia brown stripes, scientists from Peking University, Beijing,

The present document introduces a proposed Roadmap on Climate Change and Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture and provides an indicative estimate of the extra-budgetary resources required for the implementation of the Roadmap activities.

Biopiracy is a compound word consisting of ‘bio’ which is a short form for ‘biology’ and ‘piracy’. Biopirates are those
individuals and industries/companies accused of one or both of the following acts: (i) the theft, misappropriation of, or

The inclusion of the socio-economic aspects in environmental decision-making has been practiced since the early seventies. The interactions between the environment and society, the growing demand for social responsibility and the pledge towards sustainable development are some of its drivers. However, in multilateral environmental agreements, particularly in the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (CPB), the integration of socio-economic matters in decision-making has been difficult and contentions.

This study aims to enhance understanding of the dynamic relationship among biodiversity conservation and management, gender, and livelihoods in the greater Himalayan region.

As India plays host to the Convention on Biological Diversity's 11th Conference of the Parties in Hyderabad in October 2012, this article takes a closer look at the country's legislation on the subject - the Biological Diversity Act (2002).

Hyderabad: The Conference of Parties (COP) to the Convention on Bio-diversity will be held in Hyderabad from October 1 to 19 to deliberate on issues concerning conservation and sustainable use of b