The Union government is in the process of building consensus on a comprehensive Bill for land acquisition to protect the interests of farmers and those whose livelihoods are dependent on the land being acquired.

Ever More Revolutions
It is strange that the PM, who pioneered economic liberalisation, should look for ever greater production in a single industry — agriculture

New, simplified guidelines for the rural job guarantee scheme will be issued soon.

he State Government is determined to “spare no efforts” to transform the gloomy scenario of the primary sector and has vowed “to usher in a second green revolution to improve agricultural production by addressing the productivity gap and through value addition.”


GANDHINAGAR: Despite huge claims of rise in water tables across Gujarat and simultaneous improvement in groundwater levels because of tens of thousands of watershed projects, checkdams, village ponds and other recharge structures, an authoritative report suggests there is, if at all, marginal improvement. In fact, even in North Gujarat, where Sujalam Sufalam recharge canal runs across 360-km, water tables appear to have gone down. Also, the quality of water in this region has deteriorated.

Peerzada Abdul Ali Zakir Usmani, President of Anjuman Kashtkaran Punjab (AKP) has stressed the need for introduction of Organic Agriculture System (OAS) in Pakistan to bring a green revolution as o

Jason Clay identifies eight steps that, taken together, could enable farming to feed 10 billion people and keep Earth habitable.

Researchers like to work on projects that start small and slowly scale up. They must think bigger and faster, says Sandy J. Andelman, to tackle today's problems in time.

Govt pegs foodgrains output at record 236 mt Ministers' panel to take a call on foodgrain exports Granaries are full as stocks touch record level
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New Delhi, July 16:

The Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, today said the country has achieved a record foodgrain production of 241 million tonnes in 2010-11 crop year but st

Andhra farmers shun growing paddy this kharif in absence of buyers, storage space. Analysts say this perhaps the first time in the countyr that paddy farmers have resorted to such a drastic step, that too in a green revolution belt.