A zoo in Gujarat has provided yeoman service in preserving the Asiatic lion

A significant proportion of food products in India, especially infant food products, has been found to be contaminated by poisonous substances

African locusts, which have been infesting parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan since mid-July, are keeping pest control experts on their toes. The agriculture ministry has pressed into action two

Tubewells installed as a short term measure to tide over droughts in Jodhpur have never been withdrawn. This has resulted in a significant drop in the water table around the city.

The Indira Gandhi canal is being touted as Jodhpur's hope for water. But in the face of frequent sandstorms that threaten to clog the canal, it is uncertain if it will be able to carry sufficient water to the city

Some villages in Udaipur district have had their groundwater contaminated by industrial units, but authorities say there's not much they can do about it

Pushed out by salt

A wilderness park nurtured carefully by a former maharaja of Bhavnagar looks decrepit today, with its resources plundered and its wildlife dwindling.

The need of the hour is to reconcile apparently irreconcilable interests

This act may be called the Gujarat Land Acquisition (Industrial Areas) Act, 1961.