Fossil-fuel burning for cooking purposes accounts for 12% of PM2.5 pollution in Delhi, traditional stoves produce soot that can cause asthma

GAURIBIDANUR (CHIKKABALLAPUR DISTRICT): Until last month, Thimmakka had to blow her lungs out even to make a cup of coffee. And this had been her ritual for 40 years now. Not any more.

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on Pricing of Petroleum Products, 02/12/2015. The total amount of subsidy/under recovery on petroleum products in 2014-15 and 2015-16 (April to September) is given at the Annexure I. The details of taxes being levied by Central Government during last year and current year are given at the Annexure II.

Firewood will remain the cooking fuel for one-third of Indians even after a quarter of a century despite the government's efforts to promote clean energy , exposing millions of women and children t

he health effects of cooking with biomass and coal are now well-recognised. Although more people use LPG, the number of those using biomass and coal has remained static for nearly 30 years. While LPG subsidies have played an important role in expanding access to this cooking fuel, directing the subsidies to the poorest and the most vulnerable remains a fraught matter. This article proposes that consumers opt in for the subsidy by self-certifying that their household income is less than an amount set by the government, instead of the opt-out approach followed today.

Indoor air pollution is causing more deaths than outdoor air pollution and needs to be addressed with an integrated approach to increase the access to clean fuel in the country, leading environment

Oil companies and Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited (MNGL) are collaborating to make Pune India’s first carbon-free city by 2040, Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan ha

The “Indian Petroleum & Natural Gas Statistics” presents comprehensive statistics on various aspects of Indian Petroleum & Natural Gas Industries. The data on international developments in respect of the important segment of Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries have also been presented in the publication. The Statistics presented in the current publication cover the exploration, production, refining, marketing activities etc. of Oil sector.

In contrast, more than 68% of urban households use LPG for cooking

More than 67% of rural households in India still depend on firewood or wood chips for cooking.

Two of every three families in villages used firewood for cooking during July, 2011 to June, 2012 period whereas in cities, only 14 per cent families were dependent on it, says a government report.