sharks in the Atlantic are in dire straits indeed. Their plight has led the national marine fisheries service of the us to propose stringent restrictions on shark fishing. There has been a

the Union cabinet has decided to impose a ban on deep sea fishing ( dsf ) operations. The decision was followed by a meeting of the cabinet committee on economic affairs ( ccea ) on

On August 13, at the Colaba beach in Mumbai, the minister of state for food processing Dilip Kumar Ray offered coconut water to the fisherfolk's leader, Thomas Kocherry (seen on left) to break his

Joint venture deep sea fishing vessels will have a real tough time this season if the government does not implement the Murari committee recommendations

The Earth's overexploited seas are in danger of turning into the Last Frontier. In giant, demonic trawls, the World's oceans are being systematically emptied of their marine life from dumb tuna to pixie like, intelligent dolphins. The unsustainable fi

A United Nations conference reveals the sense of desperate urgency concerning the oceans' rapidly depleting fish stocks

The broad terms of the draft agreement expected to be ratified in August by countries participating in the 6th session of the United Nations Conference on Straddling Fish Stocks and Highly Migratory

Fisherfolk threaten to gut intrusive foreign trawlers despite India's recent review of its Deep Sea Fishing policy

The ban on granting fresh licenses to deep sea fishing projects has encouraged poaching by foreign vessels in the Indian economic zone, reveals Tarun Gogoi, Union minister for food processing. The

THOMAS KOCHERY was one of the first persons in India to have taken up the issue of unsustainable exploitation of marine resources and its impact on traditional fishing communities. He rose to national prominence during the 1983 fishworkers" strike in Kera