Developers working on one of the largest solar power projects in Southeast Asia have reported progress on the project.

In this study, researchers explored the relationships between the satellite-retrievedfire counts(FC), fire radiative power(FRP) and aerosol indices using multi-satellite datasets at a daily time-step covering ten different biomass burning regions in Asia.Wefirst assessed the variations inMODIS-retrieved aerosol optical depths (AOD’s)in agriculture,forests, plantation and peat land burning regions and then usedMODIS FC and FRP (hereafter FC/FRP)to explain the variations in AOD characteristics.

IN A dusty yard in Magagasi, a small village in eastern Swaziland, a man in surgical gloves draws Gugu Dlamini’s blood for the third time this year.

THIMPU: A snub-nosed mon key that sneezes when it ra ins, a walking fish and a jewel like snake are among more than 200 new species discove red in the fragile eastern Hi malayas, according to a new

A biological treasure trove of over 200 new species was discovered in the Eastern Himalayas between 2009 and 2014, according to WWF Living Himalayas Initiative’s latest regional species discovery report.

The key objective of this study is to identify the areas in Mekong countries that are most vulnerable to climate change and climate-induced water problems. These findings will be useful for better targeting of and priority setting for climate change adaptation initiatives. The study was undertaken in five Mekong countries, i.e.

In 2012-2013, the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), in collaboration with National Engineering and Planning Services (NEPS) and Myanmar Marketing Research and Development (MMRD) Research Services, undertook a rapid assessment on behalf of the Livelihoods and Food Security Trust (LIFT) to: assess the water resources of Myanmar’s Dr

The removal of the world's tree cover remains a concern but deforestation rates are slowing, says the UN report

FAO and the Swedish-based development cooperation organization We Effect have agreed to work together to strengthen small-scale forest and farm producers' organizations in developing countries so t

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will extend a 3- million-U.S. dollar aid for Myanmar's flood relief efforts, an official report said Thursday.