After smart phones and smart cars, here come smart cities. They will generate their own power and not pollute at all. They will use automation intelligently and intensely.

Come 2011, Portugal will unveil the world

Brussels: Europe

FUNCHAL, Madeira Islands (Portugal): Emergency crews in Madeira continued their search on Monday for at least four people still missing after mud and rockslides killed 42 people on the Portuguese island. More than 400 vehicles, including bulldozers and trucks, worked all night on Sunday in an effort to clear debris, authorities said.

It's a hot summer weekend and the parking lots around Lagos marina are filling quickly with the BMWs, Range Rovers and Porsche SUVs of the Portuguese yachting set.

The scene is repeated across the sun-splashed Algarve coast, but a new government plan could make the gas-guzzling race to the south coast a thing of the past.

Urban metabolism studies have been established for only a few cities worldwide, and difficulties obtaining adequate statistical data are universal. Constraints and peculiarities call for innovative methods to quantify the materials entering and leaving city boundaries.

- European Union ministers called on Thursday for urgent action to tighten hunting controls on sharks, which are seriously threatened by chronic overfishing and one of the world's most vulnerable predators.

In the current financial crisis, risk-weary investors worry more about keeping their own boats afloat than in pumping money into a sector noted for high upfront costs, long pay back periods and low rates of return. Add to that an inefficient use of resources, weak regulation and lack of up-to-date information, and the water sector faces what may prove to be a dry season for investment.


Pop culture has always influenced language, today it is the Internet IN THE 1950s, purists frowned when American cartoonist Charles Schulz introduced the antithetical phrase