A sustainable energy supply is a precondition for economic and social development and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. In many parts of the world, a large share of the population have no access to modern energy services. At best, towns and industries are supplied with antiquated and unsustainable energy facilities.

on april 12, three people were killed and eight injured in Uganda over protests against the government's plan to give away part of the country's biggest rainforest land (Mabira forest) to Sugar

Will African wild land be colonised again? Moves by Dutch tycoon Paul van Vlissingen to buy some national parks of Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya and Mozambique have split the continent's polity down

Over the next 50 years, harvests of staple crops like rice, maize and wheat may be reduced by one- third due to global warming. This has been revealed by a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

HIV infected persons with low virus levels in their blood are less likely to pass the virus to partners

The fishing industry in Uganda is in disarray, with local authorities and the central government taking conflicting stances on the recent lifting of a ban on fish vending. Minister of state for

... about which regions to conserve have just become easier, thanks to an experiment in Uganda

The cotton industry in the country is poised for a big boost after passing through decades of slump in production. As part of the revival plan, the government will give land to large investors.

The largest continent on the earth also has the maximum number of mouths to feed despite the 21st century knocking at the door