The present paper attempts to evaluate the economic conditions of the farm households of Yavatmal district of Vidarbha region. The district has reported an increasing number of suicides during the period of Jan. to Dec. 2011.This is in a striking contrast with other districts of Vidarbha in which suicide rates have been declining. The main thrust of the study is on ascertaining whether these farm suicides have taken place mainly due to the rural and agricultural credit problems.

The Report of a Study on the Evaluation of the Land Drainage and Watershed Management Programme effected by the National Development Unit during the period 2010-2014 has been presented to the Gover

A controversial plan to divert water from above a key California watershed, pushed hard by Governor Jerry Brown as a vital new anchor for the state's drought-parched water system, would involve far

One of the questions raised was the details of district-wise expenditure of crores of rupees being provided by the World Bank for ‘Mid Himalayan Projects’ in 2013-14 in Himachal Pradesh.

An Act for the establishment of State Water Resources Advisory Council and Rajasthan River Basin and Water Resources Planning Authority to adopt an Integrated Water Resources Management approach for management and development of river basins and sub-basins on sustainable basis by planning of all watershed, irrigation and drinking water projects

Ensuring that the world's food needs are met by 2050 will take a doubling of global food production. To improve agricultural yields on that scale will require a radical rethink of global water-management strategies and policies. Sub-Saharan Africa is the epicentre of this challenge. Ninety-five per cent of sub-Saharan agriculture depends on 'green water': moisture from rain held in the soil. In large parts of the continent, most rain evaporates before it generates 'blue water', or run-off, so little of it recharges rivers, lakes and groundwater.

Cairo — A flagship of South-South Cooperation, the UNEP-China-Africa Cooperation Programme completed its second phase with a report launched during the 15th session of African Ministerial Conferenc

Agricultural water has been for decades viewed under conventional irrigation attention in terms of public investment to other agricultural water management practices, such as rain water harvesting, that are of much relevance for smallholder-based cases.

THE Federal Government in collaboration with the World Bank has earmarked $30 million to support Nigeria’s quest in the fight against climate change in the country, during an interactive meeting wi

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat has expressed concern over the slow pace of progress in watershed management schemes in the state.